Samir ARFAWI & Nabila LEBBAR are two architects who fully exercise their profession, united in life and at work, have decided since 2009 to invest in the sphere of fashion.

With 2 experienced architects we can expect everything. New lines that jostle the dormant tradition. "We do not refuse anything, we seek, we trip and we have not finished exploring our potential".

We are involved in furniture design and interior design. We want to pull people out of their comfort zones. Think Moroccan living room in leather or velvet, ethnic fancy, asymmetry (...) Design or fashion, we look for a visual euphoria and textures that make you dream.

Why Caidal

The goal of our brand Caidal is to cause a sensation among a trendy clientele. From the nose to the timid cuts of recent years, the beldi-fusion capsules hit hard. Tags: crossing lines, chic, biting, with a backdrop of details inspired by architecture.

We design and build to achieve an ambitious and daring structure. The result of complementary pencil strokes, where we get as we channel ourselves.


About us